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How to reach orgasm? Forget the stereotype and change positions

There are slowly more instructions and guides for women on how to reach a climax today than those that have really been satisfied. However, a new look at the perfect sexual experience has revealed the most effective recipe: that there is none. The only guarantee of success is experiment.

Short shower, brush your teeth, make the bed. Turn off the TV, turn off the light, turn on the bedside lamp. Pull the curtains, take off your pajamas, take off your socks. Ten minutes of overture, fifteen minutes on the back, five minutes up, three minutes on the knees. “It was very nice, darling.” And he goes to sleep.

End the stereotype

The biggest enemy of sex is the stereotype. Each movement indicates what will follow, each rotation promises the same course. In time, it may happen that your lovemaking looks like a rehearsed set, which you prepared for the St. Nicholas party. Although you could win a bag of candy for perfect synchronization, sex will definitely not bring you as much pleasure as it can actually offer.

Perfect sex is like a puzzle

According to psychologist Sandra Leiblum, there is no recipe for perfect sex. The best is the one that does not stick to any recipe. “Each pair fits together differently. So try experimenting and together you will come up with what suits you best,” says the expert, adding that you need to change positions, otherwise you will soon get bored.

So the puzzle game can begin - knowing that there are several possible (and enjoyable) combinations. However, the basis of a successful experiment is mutual trust and communication.

“When you combine a lack of creativity with an inability to communicate, you definitely don’t enjoy sex. So don’t be afraid to talk about your fantasies and don’t stick to the positions you’re used to,” says Dr. Dan F. Pollets of Boston University on Psychology Today. .

Missionary message

Don’t just stick with what you know well. Even excuses that others do the same will not help you. According to a recent study published in Everyday Health magazine, for example, the position of “missionary” is certainly not one of the most used sexual positions in the world.

Although this location is common in the United States (where about 70% of the “active” population enjoys it), it is not very popular with Eastern cultures, for example. Sex, like travel, offers the pleasure of discovery. Just imagine what it would be like to go to the same place every year.

The reward will be sweet

What awaits you when you give space to more positions during sex? The reward is more than sweet. According to Dr. Debby Hebernick of Indiana University, it is significantly easier for a woman to reach orgasm once she experiences various activities during sex.

However, you do not have to become a circus acrobat for sexual satisfaction. You don’t have to stand on your head, do handstands or train in a rope. The explanation of why position changes bring more pleasure to sex is much more prosaic: “Multiple activities during sex simply mean that the whole process is significantly prolonged - and with it the likelihood of female climax increases,” adds Dr. Hebernick.